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What do you need to know about considering a remodel to help your home sell?

home remodel to sell

Many homeowners think they need to undertake large scale projects when getting their home ready for the market. It takes an experienced professional to know which projects deliver value and which just cost you a lot of money. You should always consult your Real Estate professional when making these decisions before you commit to any contracts.

Some real estate professionals will have access to a special network of businesses that have been vetted so you know you are getting someone who is licensed and bonded. In some cases you will also be able to get a discount because you are working with a specific real estate company or agent.

Our Recommended Upgrade Projects:

  • Create a more open floor plan
  • Prune Landscaping so the home is easily visible. You don’t want to cloud your first impression.
  • Quick exterior maintenance for maximum curb appeal
  • Any general maintenance inside. Any do-it-yourself fixes should be re-looked at by a professional.
  • Flooring refresh- new tile, stone or wood can bring a fresh look and add value
  • Clean all grout, apply fresh caulk and new faucets to the kitchen and all bathrooms
  • Paint with more neutral wall colors. Your design tastes might not be for everyone and it is easier for buyers to imagine their own colors on a neutral surface.

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